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Founder & CEO & Photographer


As a husband-and-wife duo, the great combination of creativity and perfectionism.

Jaimie is a professional photographer and studio founder with a background of commercial and fashion photography. She is internationally recognized for her fresh style and creative perspectives. The world of Jaimie’s baby and family portraits depict the raptures of families with their babies’ arrival into their lives. Her empathy as a 4 - year- old boy’s mom herself enables her to hit the nails to bring out the best images possible and is evident throughout her works.

Tae is a professional photographer and CEO who loves to work with kids and family. He is often dubbed as “a pleasant photographer to work with”. He pays close attention to ensure that each client has a topnotch experience. Whether an intimate newborn session or giggle-filled family portrait session, he is able to create an effortless photo experience.  Tae is a detail oriented perfectionist. He catches subtle differences to create flawless images.  To him, every little detail counts to make each image satisfy his own strict professional standards.



Vice President & Photographer

Stanley’s style is best described as pure and organic. With twelve years of experience as a studio photographer, he specializes in creative composition and artistic lighting. His background in the movie and editorial industry allows him to create timeless  imagery that makes clients look and feel like they belong on the pages of a magazine. Stanley brings a unique style and perspective to each session. His talent is evident in his skillful use of studio lights, and the stunning portraits that ensue.









Our Story

Our journey as professional photographers started when we opened our first studio in Sonoma area in San Francisco back in 2005. Fresh out of Academy of Art University with master’s degree, our passion was on capturing one of the happiest moments in life!  Throughout the 7 years after our first wedding shooting, we were bombarded with requests for baby photos from our existing clients. And we responded to the ardent demand by opening a beautiful baby studio in San Mateo – Sugar Baby Studio.  For the past 7 years since its inception, we have had an honor of capturing images of God’s new creatures from the womb period onward.  Working on some 2,400 maternity, newborn, baby and family photos, we wonder how each image is so unique and adorable. Each image is filled with a little story to tell. Every moment showcases the innate wonder, joy and excitement of infants.  We love our profession as we can present these precious images for our clients to cherish for the rest of their lives.

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